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Nov 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
at the affordable care act and president obama who campaigned sunday. >> so tomorrow, let's send them a message. loud and clear from virginia. that virginia says no to obama care. virginia says no to expanding obama care, which is what terri mcauliffe wants to do. >> while the gop says this race will be a referendum on obama care, the democrats say the race is all about the tea party. >> at a private home. joe biden stumped for mcauliffe with mark warner and congressman, gerry connolly. they said voters needed to send a message to the tea party. >> because it's the first major race between the forces and faces of the new republican tea party. a tea party whose social is out done only by its hostility, to science and technology, innovation and scholarship. >> keep pushing to get out the vote, warning that light voter turnout could help the tea party. >> it's been a great last couple of days. we focus on getting the vote out. it's all about getting the vote out. obviously, you feel the excitement, the intensity, we knocked on 1.8 million doors. >> polls open tomorrow from 6:00 in the mornin
Nov 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
that outrage over the g. government shutdown and what is driving it. a referendum on obama care. so, which is it? we were out at the polls today asking that question. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> first time candidate democrat is running for delegate in prince william county. >> he is hoping to oust the outspoken conservative, long- time delegate. he like gop gubernatorial candidate says this election is the referendum on obama care, not the tea party and government shutdown. >> it has depressed the democratic base. it is reminded republicans, hey, this race is now between ken cuccinelli who was the first to challenge obama care with my law and mr. obama. this is not between mcauliffe and cuccinelli at this point because of the debockle. >> we're going broke. >> other voters feel the opposite way and are angry over the government shutdown. >> people have had enough of the nonsense that has gone on in congress and in the states. hopefully, this will be a mark in the right direction. >> i think that this election is all about showing that hey, there's one side of folks who are
Nov 8, 2013 6:00pm EST
obama yesterday apologized to americans who have been kicked off their insurance plans. we will keep you updated on what the white house proposes to actually do about the situation. >>> still to come tonight a possible end to a local election that has yet to be decided. >> but first a workplace accident caught on camera, what a blast, but how did it all >>> here's a tip for you. if you happen to be carrying propane on your fork left, be sure it's strapped down. that was in ohio where a guy learned the hard way. the tank on his forklift was knocked off and blew up when he ran over it. you can see the flames just engulfed the forklift, but somehow that driver got away, rolled on the ground to put the fire out. he had some burns on his face and hands, but he's already out of the hospital. >>> get ready for more track work on metro over the weekend, this time the red line riders getting the pleasure of seeing three of the stations shut down. so they'll have the buses available while shady grove, rockville, twinbrook are all out of service. >>> you might think a company that makes navigation
Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm EDT
of our frustration madness bracket over at president obama is up against his significant achievement, the affordable care act. log in. cast your vote. the winner comes your >>> apathy and dissatisfaction with the candidates in the virginia's governor's race could keep people away from the polls next week. >> but if you do that you miss out on making sure your concerns are heard. a lot of issues will be decided by lawmakers, the folks you elect november 5th. peggy fox looks at some of those important issues. >> reporter: here are some issues you might care about. last year virginia lawmakers passed the first transportation funding measure in 27 years. that's a key issue in one of the tightest races for the house of delegates in mclean's district 34. >> the issue of transportation i differ with her on is her vote against funding the transportation bill. >> reporter: democrat kathleen murphy is challenging republican barbara comstock. >> the transportation bill did put extra and more taxes on northern virginia than any other place in the state. that was my major concern. n
Nov 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
change the race. >> reporter: peggy fox, wusa9. >>> on this veterans day president obama traveled across the potomac to lay a wreath at the arlington national cemetery in honor of those who served this nation in uniform. the president also paid special tribute to the oldest known surviving world war ii veteran, richard overton. he there was and the man looked pretty good for 107 years old. >> he was there at pearl harbor when the battle ships were still smoldering. he there was at okinawa. he there was at iwo jima where he said i only got out of there by the grace of god. >> i think mr. overton has more hair than i do. earlier in the day mr. overton broke bread with the president and vice president at a veterans day breakfast at the white house. >>> also today the u.s. postal service unveiled new stamps in honor of the folks awarded the congressional medal of honor during world war ii. the postmaster showed off the stamps in a ceremony at the world war ii memorial on the mall. >>> the d.c. government leaders were holding a wreath laying ceremony at the african american civil war memorial
Nov 12, 2013 6:00pm EST
and barack obama supporter. andy suggested student testing might be overrated. free public transportation to get the poor to jobs might be needed. >> can he win? nobody was willing to dismiss. he joins an already crowd field that includes four council members and then there's the incumbent, mayor vincent gray, who has yet to declare, but sounding more and more like a candidate these days. >> civic and political activist. >> primary were told today. a number of people would check none of the above. i think he brings a fresh face. the question is whether or not he can campaign. he has never been a candidate before. he's not a household name. >> some die hard supporters. >> i would not be supporting him if i didn't think he could win. >> and others undecided on a candidate for mayor. >> when i walk around, people are sick and tired of the regular politicians. they say so much corruption. so much double talk. >> he said at one point, that whether or not you were going to run depended on what the mayor will do. you decided otherwise? >> no, he did not call me and tell me he's not goin
Nov 13, 2013 6:00pm EST
it to. >> clearly we are just getting the big numbers from the obama administration. not as big as they hoped and we know more information will continue to trickle out and we know you will be covering it. thank you so much for coming in tonight. >> my pleasure. >> well, it is not over yet. despite the final tally in the virginia attorney general race, which shows democrat, mark herring defeating republican by 164 votes, obenshain says it's not time to concede just yet. >> i'm peggy fox in richmond where instead of a concession speech, mark obenshain signs up a transition team. he is hoping state board of elections recount swings his way. >> closest race in virginia history. >> republican senator, mark obenshain called it foolish for a candidate to claim victory when the vote margin is .007. that's the 164 vote difference between him and democrat, mark herring. herring did not appear in person, but said virginia voters have spoken and i am honored to have won their votes and trust to become virginia's next attorney general. >> this is no mans land. nobody has gone through th
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7